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Dental Laboratory Technology

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Certificate Level I
Dental Laboratory Technology
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Fixed Restorative / Ceramic and Denture Technique Certificate Program
THEA Waived

The Dental Laboratory Technology Fixed Restorative, Ceramic and Denture Technique Certificate Program is offered for students who desire to enter employment directly after completion of this four semester program.lab technican working


Construct and assemble false teeth in a dental lab technology laboratory designed to construct crowns, bridges, dentures, partial plates and other prosthetic devices from prescriptions ordered by a dentist.  Possible Employment Positions include Dental Laboratory Technician in dental laboratories constructing a variety of crowns and bridges and dentures.  Recipients of this certificate would be working at dental laboratory operations in private business and government agencies.


Demonstration of aptitude and ability through manual dexterity tests given by the department and a Program Entrance Test.

Program Duration: Four or five semesters.  Additional prerequisite course(s) may be required depending on students’ prior training/education.

Dental Tool Kits: DLBT students are required to purchase dental tool kits ($700) at the time of registration.  Payments may be made by cash, check, TRC or JTPA support.  It is the responsibility of the student to notify the DLT instructor of his/her intention to enter or reenter the DLBT program in order to have sufficient tool kits available for purchase prior to the beginning of each semester.


  • If a student has been absent from SWCID for more than one year, the student is required to reenter the Dental Laboratory Technology program and participate again in all the hands-on skills courses.
  • Students enrolled in all Dental Lab Technology classes and laboratories must pass each class and lab with a “C” or better before enrolling in the next DLBT class and laboratory with the approval of the DLT instructor.
  • Students will be required to complete the following prerequisites:  ENGL 0311, ENGL 0321, MATH 0301 with a grade of “C” or better. 
  • If placement tests or instructor evaluations show competency in the above classes, students may be permitted to enter the DLBT program.


First Year

First Semester
Course    Semester Hours
DLBT 1291*   2
DLBT 1301   3
DLBT 1305   3
DLBT 1371   3
Elective    1
Total    12

Second Semester
Course    Semester Hours
DLBT 1313   3
DLBT 1317   3
DLBT 2341   3
DLBT 2101   1
Elective    1
Elective    1
Total    12

Internship (Students are to provide their own transportation.)
Course    Semester Hours
DLBT 1372   3
Total    3

Second Year

First Semester
Course    Semester Hours
DLBT 2311   3
DLBT 2342   3
DLBT 2319   3
Total    9

Second Semester
Course    Semester Hours
DLBT 2321   3
Total    3

Total    39

1If a student is required to take developmental studies courses, the training automatically becomes longer.
2Capstone Course
*DLBT 1291 is offered in both the fall and spring semesters.
Since most DLT students will take less than a full load of courses their last semester, DLT students will obtain special permission from the SWCID Dean of Students for dorm and cafeteria privileges during their last semester in the DLT program.

Course Information: SWCID Catalog

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