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CIS (Computer Information Systems)

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Certificate Level 1
Specialization in Computer Information Systems
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The CIS (Computer Information Systems) Certificate Level 1 Program is offered for students who desire to enter employment in business directly after completion of this two year program.  The program is also offered for students who desire to further pursue a degree in the Computer Information Systems at a 4-year college or university.working with computers

Students may choose to get a certificate in Data Entry Program before they start the Computer Information Systems (CIS) .  If a student decides not to follow the sequence recommended, a CIS/Business coordinator or an academic advisor will help the student select courses needed to reach his or her educational goals.


Possible Employment Responsibilities:  Operating computers, preparing programs for business use, identifying and correcting errors in programs, installing and using various software packages.

Possible Employment Positions: 

  • Computer Clerk
  • Computer Programmer
  • Computer Operator
  • Microcomputer Specialist Assistant

Possible Employment Locations: Business, government agencies, hospitals and private companies (i.e. banks and hospitals)

Program Duration

Two years.  Additional prerequisite course(s) may be required depending on student’s prior training and education.


  • ENGL 0323
  • MATH 0311
  • POFT 1321 *
  • Program Entrance Test, and ITSC 1309 and/or interview with the CIS / Business Coordinator.
  • Students with some computer and/or business skills or background may start taking the classes in the program before completing the prerequisites with the permission of the CIS/Business Coordinator.
  • Students who lack a proficiency in sign communication may be required to enroll in SNLG 1304, SLNG 1305, or SLNG 1344 until proficiency is attained. 
  • Students who lack a proficiency in keyboarding speed and accuracy may be required to enroll in *POFT 1127.

Freshman Year

First Semester
Course    Semester Hours
ACNT 1303   3
ITSC 1309   3
ITSW 2334   3
ETWR 1371   3
POFI 2301   3
Total    15

Second Semester
Course    Semester Hours
BUSI 1309   3
ITSE 2309   3
Social/Behavior Science Elec. 3
SPCH 1321   3
ITSC 23861/2   3
Total    15

Sophomore Year

First Semester
Course    Semester Hours
ENGL 1301   3
COSC 1309   3
ITSC 1305   3
COSC Elective   3
ITSC 23801/3   3
MATH 1332   3
Total    18

Second Semester
Course    Semester Hours
COSC/BUSI Elective3  3
COSC Elective2   3
COSC Elective2   3
Elective    3
Humanities/Fine Arts Elective4 3
Total    15
Total Hours   63

1 Students may be allowed to register for ITSC 2386 or ITSC 2380 in the spring semester to complete the internship or cooperative education in the spring semester, the following summer or the following fall semester only.  Students must provide their own transportation to and from internship/co-op sites.  For more information, students must see the CIS/Business Coordinator.
2 Students may consult the CIS/Business Coordinator for suggestion for a COSC Elective course which may be best suitable according to students’ interests.  For those interested in programming, students may choose COSC 1420, ITSE 1331, ITSE 2317, ITSE 2347, COSC 2416 (All Howard College Courses).  For those interested in PC Maintenance and Networking, students may choose ELEC 1301, COSC 13075 or several other Howard College courses.  For those interested in Graphics, students may choose ITSE 23135 or COSC 2376 (Howard College courses). 
3Capstone course.


Course Information: SWCID Catalog

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