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SWCID Freshman Applicants

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Admittance to a Howard College standard academic or general curriculum, Howard College shall require that the applicant be a graduate of an accredited high school, accredited home school program or have completed the General Educational Developmental Testing Program (GED) .

Admission Steps

First-time freshman applicants who have graduated from a public high school including students who have received college-level credit while in high school, and wish to be considered for admission should submit the following:

  • SWCID Admissions Application PDF Link
  • Official high school and any college transcripts
  • Copy of scores for Texas Success Initiative (TSI) exemption policy.
  • Texas Residents Certificate of Deafness

Freshman Admission Requirements

  • An applicant who has not graduated from high school or an accredited home school program
    • must be admitted upon completion of the General Educational Development Testing Program (GED): and
    • meet the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) policy by one of the following minimum passing test standards:

      • THEA ( 230 Reading, 230 Math, 220 Writing)
      • ASSET (41 Reading, 38 Math, 40 Writing)
      • COMPASS (81 Reading, 39 Math, 59 Writing)
      • ACCUPLACER (78 Reading, 80 Math, 80 Writing)
      • TAKS (2200 ELA with a 3 in the Essay, 2200 Math on 11th or 12th grade tests)
      • ACT
      • SAT (combine verbal and math score of 1070 with minimum of 500 on the verbal and/or math)
    • Students who do not meet these minimum conditions for testing will be reviewed and placed in a developmental program.


Methods of Registration

  • Apply through ApplyTexas External Link
  • Registration on Campus
    • See an advisor for completion of Schedule Card
    • MUST return Schedule Card to Registrar’s Office for OFFICIAL Registration
    • See Financial Aid if needed
    • Please note payment dates on bottom of Billing Statement or Important Dates.


Arrange for official transcripts to be sent from your high school (as well as any colleges that you may have received credit from). Simply contact the school(s) and request for official transcripts to be mailed to:

Admissions / Registrar’s Office
Southwest Collegiate Institute for the Deaf
3200 Avenue C
Big Spring, TX 79720

Contact Us

Have questions about admissions or the admissions processes? Contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Email Link or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Email Link , or by phone (432) 218-4045 VP/V or (432) 218-4182 VP/V, or fax: (432) 264-3729.