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Academic Advising / Counseling

Counseling and advising staff are available to help students learn coping skills and better ways to achieve academic success through:


Personal Counseling

At SWCID, we believe sound emotional health to be an integral part of a student’s ability to succeed in college. As such, counseling services are provided to assist students who need help addressing issues that might interfere with their academic progress. Personal counseling is confidential and services are free to current students on a short-term basis. It is the role of counseling staff to support and assist students in facing the emotional challenges that often accompany the college experience. Common issues for which students seek counseling include stress, anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol problems, self-esteem, relationship issues, grief, family concerns and more.

Short-term personal counseling is time-limited and solution focused. Most students benefit from an average of six sessions. Should long-term therapy be needed, the counselor will help make the appropriate referrals to human service organizations and/or mental health providers in the area. 

Crisis Intervention

Counseling services are available during normal business hours. Should you experience a mental health emergency outside normal hours of operation, please call 911.

Additional numbers for crisis situations include:

For more information or to schedule an appointment contact:

Student Success Coach
Jim Walterhouse
Student Success Advisor / ADA / BSM Director
Phone: (432) 242-4290 VP
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