Skills Development Fund

Merging Business Needs with Customized Training

The goal of the Skills Development Fund program is to increase the skills, skill levels, and wages of the Texas Workforce.  The grant program is administered by the Texas Workforce Commission.

The fund assists businesses and trade unions with customized training solutions.  Businesses and trade unions that form partnerships with local community colleges and technical schools or a higher education extension agency are eligible.  A single business may be eligible up to $500,000.  The funds can cover tuition, curriculum development, instructor fees, and training materials. 

The Howard College Workforce Training Division has successfully partnered with a number of local businesses to implement the Skills Development Fund program.  For more information on the Skills Development Fund Proposal Submission Forms and Guidelines required by the Texas Workforce Commission, please click here, or contact the Howard College WorkforceTraining Division at (325) 481-8322.


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