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Sue Bagwell Exhibit

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Howard College presents the Sue Bagwell Watercolor Solo Art Exhibit in the Hall Center for the Arts Gallery Hallway through April 1, 2010.  A public reception and opportunity to visit with the artist will be held from 5:30pm to 6:30pm on February 15, 2010 in the Hall Center.  For more information about the artist, please visit her website at

Sue BagwellArtist's Statement

Art is a silent language.  For me, a successful painting is one that “reads” from across the room and then pulls you to it.  It should hold your interest at a distance and more intimately close up.   A painting should not only communicate, but should have something important to say. 

I like to experiment with objects viewed from a different angle, different color combinations, different mediums and surfaces.  Sometimes I work fast…getting that initial “gut” feeling.  Sometimes I work slowly with underlying subliminal messages.  I feel I freed myself to truly paint when I quit trying to please other people and painted just for myself. 

Sue Bagwell Biography

Sue Bagwell, of Big Spring, TX, is a contemporary artist whose personal interpretation of people, places and things are infused with color.  Sue challenges the viewer to look beyond her original paintings for the emotional impact she hopes they will feel, striving to give them more than they expected.  She works on a variety of surfaces and in many mediums.

In one way or another, art has always been a part of Sue’s life.  Several years ago, she decided to follow her passion and pursue her version of visual communication.  She says “I relish the viewer who becomes intrigued enough to linger, to actually get to know the painting and, in turn, myself.”   Her formal study began with many teachers, but the most significant is M. Douglas Walton whose philosophy on art and life has forever changed the way she views both.  Other artistic influences include the Impressionists, especially Modigliani and the artistic theories of Edgar Whitney.  After years of introspective study her own artistic vision began to emerge as she worked in a variety of media in a small studio behind her house in the West Texas town of Big Spring.

Sue says “I freed myself to truly paint from within when I quit trying to please other people and started painting just for myself.  For me, painting is an emotional experience.  I laugh, I cry, and many times I become so excited over a painting I miss appointments and even forget to sleep.  I sell only original works because I hope some of the emotion will go directly from me to the brush to the paper and then to the viewer.”

Sue Bagwell is represented by Displays of Splendor Art Gallery in Big Spring, Texas and at the Back Door in Ruidoso, New Mexico.  She has won many awards in various juried shows and her paintings are in numerous private collections.  Recent shows have been at the Old Bedford Schoolhouse in Bedford, Texas, the University of North Texas Health and Science in Ft Worth, TX and at the Heritage Museum in Big Spring.  She has taught at Howard Collage in Big Spring and is available for workshops and art demos.  

For more information about upcoming exhibitions and gallery representation, you may contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at (432) 264-7016.

Same But Different: An Artist's Approach

My goal for Same but Different, an Artists Approach is to show the progression of art from the original concept to the wonderfully creative “what if I…?” process that leads all artists to push themselves to new levels.  That unexplored territory where sometimes things can go terribly wrong or wonderfully right.  It is in this area where we stretch and push the envelope, where we learn the most and find ourselves always asking “What if I…?”

My favorite teacher and mentor, Douglas Walton, is fond of saying “If your not in trouble, your in trouble.” which is actually a quote from one of his favorite teachers and mentors, Edgar Whitney.  It reminds us that if we get too comfortable in our approach to art we are not growing and stretching and challenging ourselves enough.  In fact we will never fully reach that plateau where we can say “Now.  Now I’ve learned all about art.”  Because the truth about artists is we are seekers, explorers, inventors and there is always another plateau in the distance.  Another enticing “What if”.   

Sue Bagwell Watercolor
Sue Bagwell Watercolor
Sue Bagwell Watercolor
Sue Bagwell Watercolor
Sue Bagwell Watercolor

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