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Sheryl Cox Exhibit

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Please join us in viewing the Solo Exhibition "No Weeds In My Garden" by Sheryl Cox online at  Her amazing quilted artwork will be available for viewing from November 2, 2009 to February 1, 2010. 

From the Artist

I have great love for my family and friends as well as gardening, flowers of any kind and all things old.  Antique books, strains of roses, old linens and the older I get the more I like old people.  I've tried just about every plant or seed in my garden, but I sure hate pulling weeds.  From the wildflowers of west Texas to exquisitely perfect roses, I love them all.  What I like the most about making quilts, is there are no weeds, and if you make a mistake, like gardening you just pull them out.  I cannot throw anything away. From embroidered tea towels and pillowcases to hand made doilies, I have collected and saved since I was a child.  So every scrap is always carefully saved and turned into small wall-hangings or scrap quilts. 

The year I turned 50, I decided to make 50 quilts.  The driving force behind the idea was age as well as mortality and a strong need to know my descendants would all have quilts; to "make my mark" and to do something exciting and different.  I felt the need to gift absolutely anyone who might possibly remember me fondly.  Learning the art from my grandmother, quilting has always brought me joy and a strong sense of purpose.

Women's handiwork has been the impetus as well as the inspiration for my work.  I love the idea that I am helping to preserve domestic hand work in my quilts.  Work that the early settlers did, the pioneer women who settled this area, plowing fields, planting flowers as well as vegetables.    I picture them sitting in a dug-out with the wind howling around them, sand blowing in through the cracks and needlework in their laps, the only thing keeping them sane; or saving to buy a feed sack with a certain pattern for their kitchen curtains and every leftover scrap used in a quilt to keep the family and future generations warm.

I love searching garage sales, estate sales and junk stores for a "found" piece of handwork.   I always feel like the heroine rescuing them from dust, oblivion and gloom.  I love the old hand-quilting but also love machine-quilting.  So my quilts end up an eclectic mix of old and new.

Artist Workshops / Lectures

Sheryl Cox will also be giving a visiting artist workshop and lecture from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM noon in the 2D Studio, Rm. 111 of Hall Center for the Arts on Tuesday, October 3, 2009.  This lecture is open to the public and anyone is invited to attend.

An Example Quilt
Sheryl Cox
Sheryl Cox Exhibit
Sheryl Cox Exhibit
Sheryl Cox Exhibit
Sheryl Cox Exhibit

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