Howard College's Developmental Education Program has identified 10 Essential Elements of Success In College  (PARACHUTES)

P ersistence — Persist by showing up and being prepared for class
A ttitude --- Attitude impacts your success
R esilience --- Be resilient; know that you can overcome obstacles
A cceptance --- Accept new ways of thinking; keep an open mind in order to learn and grow
C ommitment --- Commit to college success; invest time, energy, money and resources in order to be successful
H elp — Ask for help and use college resources (tutoring, advising, and student support services)
U nderstanding — Seek to understand course work
T eam Work --- Practice team work; show respect towards classmates, instructors, tutors and student support services
E ffort --- Put forth effort and energy to complete course work
S eek Support --- Build a network of people that support your college and career goals
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