Howard Cottage

Howard College Child Development Center, or “Howard Cottage” is a state-licensed childcare center located on the Big Spring campus.  The facility was created to serve two basic functions.  The first is to provide childcare and high quality pre-school education for children of college students, staff and community.  The center also serves as a lab school environment where students of the college instructional programs, such as Child & Family Development Studies, can interact with children and practice concepts and skills while under the supervision of experienced and credentialed center staff. 

Howard Cottage Philosophy
Each child is a unique individual worthy of high quality care consisting of respect, positive physical and emotional nurture, individualized attention, intellectual stimulation and challenge, and patient instruction in a safe, enriched, developmentally appropriate environment.

Interested in Howard Cottage?  Please call Audrey Ware at (432) 264-5185 for more information.

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