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Endowment Program 

An endowment is an established fund, which, when invested, generates an annual income.  This is a permanent fund and the donor may name the fund as well as set the criteria for its usage.  Although often used to memorialize an individual, endowments can be established to celebrate the life or achievement of an individual or to foster the ideas of an organization. Endowments give students the opportunity to pursue their dreams and goals and while obtaining a quality education.

Establishing an endowment gives donors the opportunity to experience the joy of sharing their own good fortune, while making a real difference in the lives of others who are learning and pursuing excellence.  In addition, many endowments honor excellence in a given field.

The minimum amount needed to establish an endowment is $5,000.  The interest is then used for the scholarships and/or projects as outlined by the donor.  Endowments may be established either with Howard College or The Howard College Foundation.  Contributors to Howard College or The Howard College Foundation may designate their gifts in the form of cash, securities, real estate, or bequest.  Pledges may be made for any designation and either paid monthly, quarterly, annually, or over a multi-year period.  The Howard College Foundation Inc. is a 501c3 corporation and gifts to the Foundation may be tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Current endowments established at Howard College are:

  • Wofford B. Hardy, Jr. Memorial Endowment
  • Margo Glickman Memorial Endowment
  • Harold Davis Endowment
  • Jack Barber Endowment

Current endowments established with Howard College Foundation are:

  • Jane Lucas Thomas Memorial
  • C.D. & Ruby Helen Turner Memorial
  • Florence C. Read Memorial
  • P.W. Malone Memorial
  • Anthony & Pauline Hunt Memorial
  • Charles & Brooksie Hodges Endowment
  • Woodmen of the World
  • Mary Johnson Memorial
  • Martha Jane Slagle-Youngman
  • M.S. & Meek Lane Doss Foundation
  • Tatia Colvin Memorial
  • J.T. & Dorothy Clements
  • Virginia Gray Estate
  • Gene Britt Memorial
  • Big Spring Hunting & Fishing Club
  • Johnson Controls
  • Everett Blackburn Memorial
  • Derek Churchwell Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Current endowments established with SWCID Foundation are:

  • Sherrie Baird Memorial
  • P.W. Malone Memorial
  • Jesse Lee Walters Memorial
  • Phillip Waldrup Memorial
  • Beverly Buchanan Endowment
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