Dual Credit Admissions

Admission Requirements

Students must have permission in writing from their high school principal and counselor, permission of the student’s parent/guardian, and must present an official high school transcript.  Students must satisfy Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements prior to enrolling in college-level course work.

With the appropriate permission and assessment, a student may be concurrently enrolled. 

Core Academic Courses

A student is eligible to enroll in core academic dual credit courses in high school if the student demonstrates college readiness by achieving the minimum passing standards under the provisions of the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) according to the THECB Rules and Regulations.

Vocational/Technical Courses

A student is eligible to enroll in Workforce Education dual credit courses in high school.  Check with the dual credit department for details.

Admission Procedures

The student must complete the Howard College Application at www.applytexas.org and submit the following:

These forms are included at the links supplied.  However, if any of the information on the application changes, the student is required to complete another application for that semester.

An official copy of the high school transcript is required along with TSI scores in order to prove exemption for all first time students.  For returning students, only one transcript is required per academic year.

The Howard College Schedule Card must include the student’s name, date of birth, and social security number along with the course information.  The student signature is required plus a signature from Howard College official which verifies the student is eligible to take the course under TSI policy.

Upon graduation from high school, the student must supply Howard College with an official high school transcript that includes the graduation date.  If a transcript is not submitted, release of any records will be blocked until the official transcript is received.

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