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About Art Club

The Howard College Art Club provides the interested art student with extracurricular visual arts activities for a variety of events and outreach in the community for art education advocacy.  Students find an opportunity for creative exploration and social networking while participating in activities such as museum and gallery field trips across Texas, free workshops and fun fundraising art activities such as the Howard College Fall Festival, Empty Bowls Project in ceramics, and student art sales.  Workshops include exciting firings like raku in ceramics, which is a traditional Japanese process that fired raku piece is removed from the hot kiln and is allowed to cool in the open air or in a container filled with combustible material, setting it on fire.  The Art Club provides a variety of avenues for visual arts expression and involvement. 

Art Club activities are some of the options that are geared toward encouraging students to form meaningful attachments and gain the benefits of vivid learning experiences.  The Art Club is designed to inspire and recognize students showing outstanding abilities or interests in art.   The club brings attention to our school, community, and students in a positive artistic manner and fosters a great appreciation for art.  The Art Club tries to get involved with the community as much as possible and help out as much as they can with various community-minded projects and activities.

Contact Us

Faculty Advisor:
Stacy Slaten
Assistant Professor of Art/Department Head 

Contact Information:
Stacy Slaten
Office: 432-264-5115
Cell: 432-935-1018
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