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Mackenzie, Erin

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Administrative Dean of Instruction & Student Services

1001 Birdwell Lane, Big Spring TX 79720

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: (432) 264-5017

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Education / Credentials

M.S. Texas Tech University, 1999, Microbiology
B.S. Texas Tech University, 1998, Microbiology

Professional Profile


Lefkowitz DL, Stuart R, Gnade BT, Roberts E, Lefkowitz, SS. Effects of glyconutrient on macrophage functions. Int J Immunopharmacol 2000 Apr; 22(4): 299-308.

Lefkowitz DL, Roberts E, Grattendick K, Schwab C, Stuart R, Lincoln JL, Allen RC, Moguilevsky N, Bollen A, Lefkowitz SS. The endothelium and cytokine secretion: the role of peroxidases as immunoregulators. Cell Immunol 2000 May 25; 202(1): 23-30.
Grattendick K, Stuart R, Roberts E, Lincoln J, Lefkowitz SS, Bollen A, Moguilevsky N, Friedman H, Lefkowitz DL. Alveolar macrophage activation by myeloperoxidase: a model for exacerbation of lung inflammation. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2002 Jun;26(6):716-22.
MacKenzie, E. One Nice Journey. Don Jacobs' Forensic Science V-Journal 2006-2007. Inaugural Issue Vol. 1 (1) May-June.
In Development:
Forensic Investigation: Inside the Yellow Tape- CSI Evidence Gathering & Analysis. Hayden McNeil Publishing 2008. Co-author with Lum Farr and Don Jacobs.
The Forensic Mind. Hayden McNeil Publishing 2008. Co-author with Don Jacobs.
Abstracts presented at national conferences:
Grattendick, K., Graham, S., Lefkowitz, S.S., Gelderman, M.P., Fuhrman, S., Roberts, E., Lefkowitz, D.L., and Allen, R.C. 1998. Exacerbation of Arthritis: The Macrophage-Neutrophil Connection. Experimental Biology Meeting, San Francisco, CA.
Gnade, B., Stuart, R., Roberts, E., Lefkowitz, D., Grattendick, K., and Lefkowitz, S. 1999. Exacerbation of Experimental Arthritis by Myeloperoxidase: A New Model. ASMB/ASI/AAI Joint Meeting, Washington, D.C.
Schwab, C., Roberts, E., Starnes, III, J., Gelderman, M., Stuart, R., Lefkowitz, D., Lefkowitz, S., Bollen, A., and Moguilevsky, N. 1999. Induction of Cytokine Secretion by Endothelial Cells Exposed to Myeloperoxidase or Other Mannosylated Compounds: Implication for Inflammation. ASMB/ASI/AAI Joint Meeting, Washington, D.C.
Roberts, E., Stuart, R., Lincoln, J., Vigerust, D., Gnade, B., Lefkowitz, D., Castro, A., and Lefkowitz, S. 1999. A Paradigm for in vivo Macrophage/Neutrophil Interaction. ASMB/ASI/AAI Joint Meeting, Washington, D.C.
Liehr P, Wai CY, Boreham MK, MacKenzie ED, Schaffer JI, Word RA. 2001. Morphologic characteristics of the female lower urinary tract after pudenal nerve injury. Society for Gynecologic Investigation, Toronto, ON, Canada.
Other Presentations:
TCCTA Texas Community College Teacher's Association. Forensic Science in Community Colleges. Fort Worth, Texas (2004), Austin, Texas (2005), Houston, Texas (2006).

Teaching and Related Services

Professor and Forensic Science Lab Director, Work Study Supervisor 
Courses: Forensic Science, Microbiology, Biology, Zoology, and Botany
Dept. of Biology, Dept. of Forensic Science
Weatherford College

Research Assistant, Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Research Assistant/ Database and Information Management
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Science Park-Research Division
Teaching Assistant in Microbiology 
Texas Tech University

Research Assistant , Dept. of Immunology and Microbiology
Texas Tech Health Sciences Center

Research and Creative Activity

Co-creator of two Texas Co-Board approved Forensic Science curricula:

  • FORS 2440 (Basic Evidence Gathering and Analysis)
  • FORS 2450 (Forensic Neuropsychology and Lab)
  • Co-founder and Co-sponsor of the Forensic Science Club, Weatherford College
  • Co-founder of the Forensic Science Department and Degree Program, Weatherford College
  • Radio Talk Show Co-host QXFM 89.5: What Lies Beneath (Weatherford, TX)
  • Critical Thinking Team Member, Howard College (2006-present)

Phi Theta Kappa Sponsor, Howard College (2006-present)

Language Translation

Hours Office Hours:  Monday to Thursday  8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Friday 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM, Closed Weekends
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