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2011 Production:  The Real Inspector Hound

Remember the Twilight Zone and EC Horror Comics with their strange twist endings?  Good!  This month the darkness falls and the lights go up, for our Halloween production.

We present: The Real Inspector Hound on October 22 and 23rd at 8:00 pm and the following weekend, October  31 and a final matinee performance on Nov 1st at 2:00 pm. (October 30 performance has been canceled) 

I was a kid when Rod Serling first began introducing those mind warping stories of his on our little Zenith Black and White console. Now   I’m not Sir Serling but….Cue creepy Twilight Zone theme.  ” I humbly submit for your edification -two small town  Theater critics.

Moon and Birdboot. about to sit through a play they’d rather not watch but must review for their respective papers.."  The play in question about to be viewed and reviewed is an old fashioned mystery about murder-madness, and committing the perfect crime. 

A play which is about to come to life, and quite possibly… end theirs. Curtain going up on … The Real Inspector Hound an exclusive performance from the stages of…The Twilight Zone. “

If you can get on board with that concept you will have a great time at our opening play.  You’ll get a few laughs and maybe a few shivers as you look for clues in our black box Theater for The Real Inspector Hound.  This production jumps quite a lot in tone from comedy to farce, transforms into a very black comedy which eventually leads to a ghoulish ending. If you get scared we’ve done our job, and when it gets too intense, just keep repeating…its only a play…its only a play… its only a play

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