Hall Center Highlights

Here we highlight student activities, groups and events in the Hall Center that bring students together in pursuit of the Arts.  “It is my hope that this building will inspire students to develop ‘the arts’ in their lives,” said F. Marie Hall.  “Anyone can be an artist if they acquire a reverence for the form of art they are pursuing.  This auditorium reflects that spirit of wonder and reverence as well as the strength of synergy, unity and teamwork.” 

Innovation and excellence are Hall’s passions and this building provides the seed for students to obtain a glimpse of what is beyond the boundaries of Howard County but still well within their reach through the world of fine arts.  “I want students of Howard College to have a place to explore, create, dream, plan and achieve,” said Hall.  “I want to ignite their curiosity and watch them grow to appreciate the culture available to them.”

Hall Center Highlight: Theater
Hall Center Highlight: HC Dance Troupe


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