Madeline Forbes

  Major: Paraprofessional in Deaf Education (PDE)
Family: Glenn & Joanna Schwab
Hometown: Vancouver, WA
High School: Washington School for the Deaf
Attending: SWCID
Madeline Forbes

Madeline's Thoughts on SWCID

I want to work with middle school/high school age deaf students. SWCID has the perfect program: PDE. I also learned that all of the instructors can sign which is extremely important to me. That’s why I chose SWCID and my major (PDE). 

Future Plans and Goals?
I want to be a teacher but first, I’d like to take my time, travel, meet people and experience life.

Favorite Professor
Amanda Glasgow

My Clubs and Organizations

  • President for Food Committee (under SGA)
  • Student Government Association (SGA)

Advice to Other Students
All I would say is “Do your best, complete your assignments, be happy and give yourself a pat on your back often.” 

Most valuable learning experience at SWCID?
I have been away from home most of my life. I am used to the dorm life, but I have learned that as a student at SWCID is completely different than as a high school student because in college, I am on my own. I have to learn how to communicate with the instructors, get up on my own, make choices on my own and so on. I get to misbehave! No no no, I am just kidding but yea, I make my own decisions, “Is it the right choice? Should I do this, that…” that can be scary sometimes.

Where do you relax and have fun
I like to go camping or shopping which I don’t get to do that in Big Spring so I go to Midland with friends often. There’s so much to do in Midland, ohh, the restaurants in Midland! I love going to Chili’s. You have to go to Chili’s… their fish tacos, grilled chicken sandwich and desserts are to die for! 

What I like most about SWCID
I love the student life. I love the instructors. I get to be myself at SWCID without having to worry about what others say or think of me. 

What I tell future SWCID students
I’d tell them that they should come to SWCID for many reasons: 1. Full access communication, 2. Tutoring Center is awesome, 3. Good place to make new friends, and 4. You don’t just come here for education, you also learn about the real world. 

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