Lizeth Salinas

  Major: Graphic Arts Technology
Family: Araceli & Jesus Rincon
Hometown: El Paso, TX
High School: Burges High School
Attending: SWCID
Lizeth Salinas

Lizeth's Thoughts on SWCID

My best friend suggest me go to this college.

Why Graphic Arts Technology?
I really love to photography relate to my personality.

Future Plans and Goals?
After I graduate at SWCID, I plan want to go to Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and find a job for photography.

Favorite Professor
My [favorite] professors are Ms. Amanda and Mrs. Lisa. They teach me to be motivated and to focus on classes and keep me busy to get good grades to graduate.

My Clubs and Organizations

  • Basketball
  • Student Government Association (SGA)

Advice to Other Students
I would give this advice to them: follow your dream and finish college with a degree to get a good job and have a good future life. My favorite quote is " Don't give up on your dream and don't let them stop you from it."

Most valuable learning experience at SWCID?
When i come here at SWCID, its very good experience because i grew up in the hearing world at El Paso Texas.  When i am in the deaf world, I feel completely different and social with a lot of deaf people. I am learning to be an independent person.

Where do you relax and have fun
Every weekend, i hang out with friends at the mall, movies and eating at restaurant.

What I like most about SWCID
What I like most about SWCID is taking photography outside and having good, trusting friends.

What I tell future SWCID students
When they arrived here at SWCID, i will tell them my experiences at SWCID and show them that i was successful at getting a degree at SWCID.

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