Aviv Levy

  Major: Auto Mechanic
Parents: Yaron & Natalie Levy
Hometown: Carmel, IN
High School: Indiana School for the Deaf
Attending: SWCID
Aviv Levy

Aviv's Thoughts on SWCID

My school counselor suggest I go to SWCID.

Why Auto Mechanic?
I love being an auto mechanic because I like working with my hands on something.

Future Plans and Goals?
My future plans are to look for a job, or possibly to go to another college and get more mechanic certifications.

Favorite Professor
My favorite professor is Amanda because she has been really great teaching to me and to help me understand what i need to do. My favorite instructor is Curtis Burns because he always let me to bring my truck in to check or fix something and he has taught me how to fix things on my truck.

My Clubs and Organizations

  • Student Government Association (SGA) Vice President
  • Basketball Manager

Advice to Other Students
I'd advise them to go to the tutoring center and ask their friends for help with homework.  If they don't understand the teacher or homework, then ask friends or visit the tutoring center to help explain it to you.

Most valuable learning experience at SWCID?
My most valuable learning experience is that SWCID is good because it is cool to be social with people from another state and country.  It is easy because it is all deaf people and it is easy to communicate with deaf people by signing. 

Where do you relax and have fun
I like to have fun, go to the mall, and sometimes I like to stay in the dorm to relax or chat with people in the dorm lobby.

What I like most about SWCID
What I like most about SWCID is it's cool to bring my truck to fix something and can learn how to fix it, or learn something new about parts to fix a car. 

What I tell future SWCID students
I would tell SWCID students that SWCID is cool for being social and meeting new people from other places.  It will be great to explain to students about my experiences at SWCID. 

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