Yesenia Ortiz

  Major: General Studies
Hometown: Coahoma, TX
Parents: Vianey Jaimes & Angel Ortiz
High School: Coahoma High School
Attending: Big Spring Campus
Yesenia Ortiz

Yesenia's Thoughts on Howard College

Why Howard College?
I personally selected HC because it was close to home, and it offered me many opportunities; such as scholarships, work-study job, and small class size.

Career Goals
After I finish my basics and receive my Associates, I plan to go out to Angelo State.

Favorite Professor
My favorite instructor would definitely be Deidra Fuller.  She really puts a kick into her LFW class.

My Clubs / Organizations

  • Diplomats
  • Student Government Association

Best Studying Advice
Please do no procrastinate.  Find a quiet place where no one can interrupt you and there are wonderful tutors to help you.

Most Valuable Learning Experience
My most valuable learning experience is working at the switchboard.  It helped me grown become very responsible.

Relax and Have Fun
I like to go to the student union building, play pool, ping-pong or relax on the couches and watch TV and take part in our student activities, such as Fall Festival and basketball games.

What I like most about Howard College
The great people that surround you.  It has a wonderful smiling environment.

What I tell future Howard College students
I would let them know that HC helps you out alot.  Wonderful instructors and great staff members.

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