Shellye Lynn Terrell

  Major: Nursing
Family: Randy (spouse), Coy, Terry & Shay (kids)
Hometown: San Angelo, TX
High School: PAYS, Central High School
Attending: San Angelo Campus
Shellye Terrell

Shellye's Thoughts on Howard College

Why Howard College?
For me, Howard College was the best choice due to tuition being affordable to begin my college career.  Also, the smaller campus was less intimidating for me returning to a class room setting.

Why Nursing?
I changed careers 6 years ago from Food Management to Medical when I enrolled in ACC.  I was certified as a CMA.  My first job was with an awesome Pediatrician that pushed me in every way to learn, grow and excel.  I knew I wanted to further my education and be an RN.  I also knew I could do it.

Career Goals
My goals are to continue on my path to learn and grow in College.  I will graduate on day with a BSN.  My passion is Pedi, I also want to travel.  One day I may even teach.

Favorite Professor
This is tough because I have learned from all of my instructors.  I love Mrs. Tinsley.  I adore Mr. Barnhill.  Lana Hubbard, she is too cool.  I love the bar she set for students.

My Awards / Honors

  • SGA President 2011/12
  • SGA Secretary 2011 (Spring)
  • Outstanding Service SGA Spring 2011
  • Dean's List Fall 2010

My Clubs / Organizations

  • SGA President
  • Volunteer at Juvenile Justice Center (presenting to "high" risk teens

Best Studying Advice
Read it; write it down, (take good notes) draw pictures with color.  Make time to study and find study partners!

Most Valuable Learning Experience
I have many good and bad experiences that have changed my life.  I’d have to say being a young mother and never giving in or slowing down has not only made me the woman I am, but my kids…. they are great!  I’ve always wanted them to be better than me.  I feel in life and in college, for me – If I can do this, you can too.

Relax and Have Fun
I relax at home.  We just bought our first home in February.  I’m always with my husband and my children.

What I like most about Howard College
I love the personal quality HC has.  We are all bound together by a dream of our very own.  I think it is diverse and also has an engaging spirit that brings everyone peace of mind.  It’s not the halls or the walls; it’s the staff, instructors, students and families that make HC better.

What I tell future Howard College students
I consider myself an authority on this subject.  What I say most is the experience will change your stars.  So…. Change your stars!


I want to include something else if I may. It’s important to me because I have had the real life ups and downs that plaque our communities everywhere.  I was a mother at 16!  Looking back, I’d not change a hair on my daughter’s head.  I have had one mission since that young age…. I have to be better because everything was going to be extra hard.  I never wanted to be a statistic.  To me, that was simply unacceptable.  Being here now, it’s not my second chance; it’s my only chance because there is too much on the line.  Also, I’ve made my children accept that they can do it too, better than I have.  My husband has been supportive also.  In the face of all life can throw at us, we can still endeavor to achieve greatness.

My dreams are happening every day.  I am forever grateful for the people standing beside me.  For my 10 year old son to say I am his hero for being in College and doing well, that’s worth all the struggle.  Lastly, my story is similar to so many others stories.  I just want everyone to know it is worth every hard time to be here today.

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