Luana King

  Major: Pre-Nursing
Family: James (Husb.)
Children: Joel & Tovah
Hometown: Cedar Falls, Iowa
High School: Cedar Falls High School
Attending: San Angelo Campus
Luana King

Luana's Thoughts on Howard College

Why Howard College?
Attending Howard College seemed like a great way to return to a classroom learning environment since I am an older, non-traditional student.  It has been decades since I earned my first degree and I felt that Howard College would provide a better environment for me to begin studying once again.   The costs of attending Howard College are affordable for me and I had heard such great things regarding the friendly, helpful faculty and staff.  All of the good things I heard are true!

Why Nursing?
After being diagnosed as a Type 2 Diabetic 3 years ago, I found a real desire to help educate others who found themselves in a similar situation as newly diagnosed diabetics.  I became fascinated with how God designed our bodies to work and what happens when those mechanisms no longer work well.  I wanted to become a Diabetes Educator one day and when the opportunity presented itself to be able to return to school, I did just that.

Career Goals
I am pursuing a nursing degree in order to become a Diabetes Educator.

Favorite Professor
My, but the instructors at Howard College are so good.  Very probably Ms Welch, and Ms Ebeling helped me develop a great confidence in my ability to really learn science related information when I had doubts.  Their encouragement has meant a lot to me.  Mr. Allen has been simply the best regarding Math instruction for me when my math studies were decades ago!

My Awards / Honors

  • PTK All USA Team 2011/2012
  • Vision, Passion, Purpose Award from SITEL 4th Quarter 2007
  • Inducted as member in PTK Honors Society
  • Lifetime Member Texas PTA

My Clubs / Organizations

  • Phi Theta Kappa

Best Studying Advice
I would encourage students to set a study schedule and stick to that.  Taking good notes in class is important; I transfer those notes to note cards which I can then carry with me to review.  Having a person to study with helps as long as the time is spent studying.  Eat well and get good rest prior to exams really helps.  Make friends and enjoy your time as a student.  Keep your goals in mind at all times.

Most Valuable Learning Experience
At Howard College it has been learning that I could learn subject material that I used to avoid because I thought it was too difficult.  In life my most valuable learning experience has been learning to live with a chronic disease and live well with and in spite of that.

Relax and Have Fun
I love to quilt; I love to cut fabric into pieces and create something pretty from that.  So, that I do at home unless I can attend a class to learn a new technique.   Otherwise, I enjoy a good movie, having lunch with friends, walking the mall, and look forward to worship with a great congregation each Sunday morning.

What I like most about Howard College
The faculty and staff are so very helpful and encouraging.  Suzi Welch, Carla Ebeling, Caryn Truitt have all been so encouraging and I appreciate that from them.  The faculty are all willing to do whatever they can to help students learn, which shows that they care about the students.  The building itself is always so clean and well maintained, which shows that the college cares about the environment we learn in.

What I tell future Howard College students
I would encourage future students to come visit the school and learn what is offered at Howard College.  I would tell those students to be confident in their ability to learn, to work hard, keep their goals in mind and to ask for help or use tutoring if they are not understanding any subject matter.   I would encourage prospective students to come, attend, learn, prepare to work in a field they are interested in or get a solid foundation to transfer to ASU or another university.  Howard College is a great place to do just that.

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