Cynthia Pinch

  Major: English
Hometown: Niles, MI
Parents: Tracy & Mark Nichols
High School: Brandywine High School
Attending: Big Spring Campus
Cynthia Pinch

Cynthia's Thoughts on Howard College

Why Howard College?
The atmosphere of the staff and campus.

Why English?
I enjoy languages and I want to teach.

Career Goals
I want to teach English in Japan.

Favorite Professor
Kirk Davidson

My Awards / Honors

  • Outstanding Student Awards in Speech Communications, English and BSM
  • Who's Who Among Jr. Colleges

My Clubs / Organizations

  • Student Government Association
  • Recycling Club

Best Studying Advice
Post-Its, a lot of them, and a highlighter.  Don't be aftraid to mark your book or make extracts if you can't.  It helps when you review.

Most Valuable Learning Experience
"Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts.  You need to start somewhere."  This is a quote from an essay by Anne Lamott I read in creative writing class.  To me it says don't let fear of failure hold you back, you're going to make mistakes, that's a given, but we still have to try.

Relax and Have Fun
The front lobby of the girl's dorm is an interesting place to spend a few hours.

What I like most about Howard College
The staff go above and beyond "normal" expectations.  They are willing to do whatever it takes to help you succeed and take an eager interest in student's education.

What I tell future Howard College students
Howard is an amazing place to grow and learn; a place where you are challenged and encouraged to take your education beyond the classroom.

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