Ashleigh McFadden

  Major: Dietitian
Hometown: Big Spring, TX
Parents: Billy & Sheila McFadden
High School: Coahoma High School
Attending: Big Spring Campus
Ashleigh McFadden

Ashleigh's Thoughts on Howard College

Why Howard College?
Howard College is a wonderful college.  The teachers are really good and very helpful.  They really do care about their students.

Why a Dietitian?
I want to spend my life helping people and hopefully make a good difference in the world.  So I decided to go into the medical field and be a dietitian.

Career Goals
I am transferring to either Texas Christian University or A&M University.  There I will get my bachelors degree and do my internship so I can be a registered dietitian.  After that I want to work in a hospital or another business where I can be a dietitian and use my knowledge to help people in need.

Favorite Professor
Mrs. McKenzie was my favorite instructor.  I had her for several classes and I enjoyed every one.  She is an excellent teacher.  I learned more from her than any other instructor.

My Awards / Honors

  • Dean's List
  • Who's Who
  • Biology Departmental Award
  • Top 10 Scholarship Recipient

Best Studying Advice
Do your best in everything you do.  Never stop believing in your self.  Set goals and strive to achieve those goals. When you're choosing a career, choose something you will love doing.

Most Valuable Learning Experience
I have learned that with determination, ambition, and giving everything your all, you can achieve anything.

Relax and Have Fun
When I want to relax or have fun, I spend time with my family and friends.

What I like most about Howard College
The college really cares about their students.  Everyone at Howard College is nice and helpful.

What I tell future Howard College students
You will really enjoy going to Howard College.  The teachers are great and the campus is very nice.

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